Google March Update: AI-Generated Content Watch Out!

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8 Mar 2024


March 2024 Core Update Insights

The March 2024 update marks a pivotal shift in how Google assesses and ranks quality content. It prioritises valuable contributions over quantity or automated production and emphasises rewarding genuinely helpful content.

TL;DR: The March 2024 Core Update by Google has introduced significant changes, focusing on helpful content assessment and targeting AI-generated and low-quality affiliate marketing content.

This update offers potential recovery for previously penalised sites while challenging others.

Key Takeaways

  • Google’s March 2024 Core Update focuses on improving content quality. It rewards helpful, human-made content and punishes sites using poor AI-generated or low-quality affiliate marketing material.
  • With this update, websites previously hit by penalties have a new chance to recover. By creating more relevant and high-quality content, they can improve their rankings.
  • Google now heavily scrutinises third-party affiliate marketing sites. To avoid drops in organic traffic, it’s essential for these sites to focus on publishing valuable, problem-solving content.
  • The update is good news for legitimate businesses. There’s a positive link between brand search growth and better site rankings, so focusing on increasing brand searches could significantly improve your online presence.

Google’s March Core Update Changes

This latest revision introduces a more refined lens through which Google assesses content value and authenticity, marking a pivotal turn for website owners everywhere.

Inclusion of helpful content assessment

Google’s latest core update spotlights the importance of helpful content. As an SEO expert with over a decade of experience, I’ve seen firsthand how valuable and quality content directly impacts site rankings.

This new inclusion is great news for businesses focused on delivering informative and user-friendly content. Google now assesses whether your site’s content truly benefits its audience, prioritising pages that users find engaging and useful.

Creating beneficial and authoritative content has always been at the heart of effective SEO strategies. With this update, sites previously hit by penalties have a chance at recovery if they pivot towards producing more relevant and high-quality material.

It’s crucial to re-evaluate your website’s content strategy to ensure alignment with these changes.

Next up: Potential recovery for sites previously penalised.

Targeting AI-generated content and low-quality affiliate marketing content

Google’s core update this March has sharpened its focus. It now actively targets AI-generated content and low-quality affiliate marketing material. What does this mean for your website? If your site relies heavily on content produced by artificial intelligence without much human oversight, you might see a dip in organic traffic.

This is because the update aims to promote content that provides real value, created with human input and insight. Does it mean all AI content will be penalised? No, but if you are asking AI tools to create content with no input and not checking what it is creating and then publishing, then you will get hit.

The message is clear for those dabbling in affiliate marketing: step up your game. Google is cracking down on third-party sites that host low-quality content aimed solely at generating sales or clicks without providing genuine value to the reader.

My advice? Invest in quality content development—stuff that solves problems, answers questions, and adds value to your audience’s life.

Impact on Organic Traffic

As we dive into the March 2024 Core Update, one thing stands clear: organic traffic patterns are shifting. Sites leaning on AI-generated content or hosting low-quality affiliate marketing materials are seeing a dip in their organic reach.

This adjustment pushes for higher standards across the web, emphasising quality and relevance.

Let’s break it down—Google is getting smarter at picking out content that adds real value to users. This means businesses need to focus more on creating genuine, user-centred content rather than relying solely on SEO tricks or automated content creation methods.

Remember, while these updates may initially disrupt your traffic flow, they also offer an opportunity to refine your SEO strategy and stand out in the crowded space.

The decline in organic traffic for sites with AI-generated content

Google’s March Core Update has put AI-generated content in the spotlight, showing a clear decline in organic traffic for these sites. This shift hits hard for pages lacking human touch, which are now facing significant challenges in maintaining their SEO standings.

At Contactora, we’ve observed this trend closely through various client cases and industry data. It underscores the critical need for originality and human input in content creation to stay ahead.

This update serves as a wake-up call for businesses relying heavily on automated content strategies. Emphasising quality and authenticity is more vital than ever to secure and improve your site’s ranking on Google.

Focus on eliminating low-quality content on third-party sites

Google’s latest update has put a spotlight on the quality of content across the internet, especially on third-party sites. It’s clear that AI-generated articles and low-quality affiliate marketing pieces are no longer going to cut it.

This is a wake-up call for businesses that leverage these platforms for exposure or backlinks. High standards for content quality are now mandatory.

At Contactora, we’ve seen firsthand how quality affects website traffic. The impact of relying on poorly created content can be significant – leading to drops in organic search traffic and lost revenue 


This is particularly true for third-party platforms used in affiliate marketing strategies, where the temptation might have been to prioritise quantity over quality.

Our advice? Review your content strategy, focusing on genuine value and relevance to your audience. If you’re unsure where to start or need help refining your approach, our team at Contactora has extensive experience successfully navigating Google updates.

Benefits for Legitimate Businesses

Legitimate businesses stand to gain significantly from Google’s March 2024 Core Update.

Positive correlation between brand search term growth and site ranking improvements

Internal research has uncovered a fascinating trend; there’s a strong link between the growth of brand search terms and improvements in site rankings. For businesses aiming to enhance their online presence, focusing on increasing searches for your brand can be a game-changer.

It’s evidence-based—statistical data backs up this correlation, proving that as more people look up your business directly, Google views your site as more authoritative. This isn’t just about getting more eyes on your pages; it’s about building trust with search engines too.

Here’s what you should take away: investing time and resources into making your brand searchable pays off not only by driving direct traffic but also by significantly improving overall website ranking.

Consider exploring creative ways to boost your brand term searches through engagement campaigns or user-focused content that resonates well with your audience—this could mean leveraging social media platforms more effectively or diving deeper into web traffic analytics to understand where potential customers are coming from.

Remember, while immediate changes post-update might seem tempting, patience is key as these strategies unfold over time.

For anyone looking to refine their SEO strategies further or get ahead of the curve with tailored advice and experiments designed around the latest updates, book a free website review.


The message was clear: Google wants quality, and it’s willing to shake things up to get it.

The latest update includes a more nuanced assessment of helpful content, giving previously penalised sites hope for potential recovery. However, it puts AI-generated content in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, causing a dip in organic traffic for offenders.

At Contactora, our advice stands the same. Focus on creating content that your audience wants. Get inside their head, identify their pain points and create topics that offer solutions. Build genuine and relevant links from other sites in the same space. And talk about your business!

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