Content Sprint

Content Sprint:
Traffic Driven content

Our Content Sprint is laser-focused on creating authoritative, optimised content that drives organic traffic to your site.

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Content that drives revenue

Our in-depth research into topics and topic clusters results in a detailed content plan filled with content your customers are searching for.

The Content Sprint is completed in 2-4 weeks and includes:

  • Content Research & Strategy
  • Keyword Research
  • Topic & Topic Cluster Identification
  • Topic Outlining
  • Engaging, On-Topic Content
  • Content Calendar

Content Sprint Pricing

You will know the amount of content you need from the foundation sprint strategy. You can then choose the amount of content you want to schedule at any one time.

Most clients will reorder the content sprint or have it rolling month to month for a constant flow of high-quality content.

Amount of contentPrice
5 Pieces of content$1,900.00
10 Pieces of content$3,700.00
15 Pieces of content$5,400.00
20 Pieces of content$7,000.00

Our plans can be billed in GBP, USD or EUR.

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Adam Haworth
Founder & Chief Strategist

What's Included

Revenue Driving Content

Content Research & Strategy

We immerse ourselves in your market and ideal customer mindset. This enables us to map content strategically:

  • Targets their interests
  • Provides solutions to their problems
  • Presents alternative options

We aim to create content that puts you in front of motivated leads.

Through in-depth research into your audience, we shape an insightful content plan. We get into their headspace to determine the topics and angles that will resonate most.

The result is content that speaks directly to your customers’ needs. Well-crafted and laser-focused, it positions your brand as an authority they can rely on.

Keyword Research

We dig deep into your competitors’ rankings, identifying gaps and easy win opportunities. This enables us to target keywords with interested potential customers.

Our rigorous analysis uncovers untapped keywords your brand can own. We look beyond what ranks well to find terms aligned with customer intent.

The result is keywords that connect your content with motivated searchers. We ensure you rank for terms that indicate commercial interest and convert to business.

With precise keyword research, we match your content to searches that convert. Targeting the right terms brings in quality traffic primed for your offerings.

Topic & Topic Cluster Identification

Leveraging our keyword research, we build out pillar topics and relevant clusters. This content model creates SEO-friendly silos that boost discovery and rankings.

We identify related subtopics for each core topic to create interconnected content clusters. This enables more effective search engine crawling, indexing, and ranking.

Mapping out these topics and clusters produces a content plan tightly aligned to your brand’s core offers. The result is the consistent creation of relevant, high-quality content.

With this strategic framework, we develop authoritative content silos on topics that matter most to your audience. Well-organized and optimised, your content surfaces prominently for target searches.

Topic Outlining

With target topics selected, we create comprehensive outlines for your content.

Thorough outlines ensure each piece fully covers its focus area, never missing an optimisation opportunity.

Our outlines map out an in-depth structure for topics, including:

Key points to cover

  • Supporting facts and statistics
  • Potential visual assets
  • Recommendations and conclusions

Well-crafted outlines translate into fully fleshed-out content ready for publishing and promotion. They set content up for success from the start.

Detailed outlines are the blueprint that shapes authoritative, engaging content optimised for your goals.

Engaging, On-Topic Content

Using our outline, our team of expert content creators put together the content. You can access the live document for revisions, comments and edits. All content docs will be available within your client workbook.

Content Calendar

Your client workbook will contain all the content as part of your Content Sprint. You can see the content calendar and make any suggestions or changes.

The Content Sprint is completed in 2-4 weeks.

Fully Managed

From $2000

Our Foundation Sprint lays the groundwork for all subsequent SEO initiatives. It’s crucial to evaluate your website’s present state and existing SEO practices. 

  • Deep Data Analysis: Ensuring no technical glitches mar your SEO efforts and setting up precise tracking for campaign results.
  • Competitor Analysis: Investigating your industry, SERP market share, and adopting successful strategies from industry leaders to optimise your search engine rankings.
  • Website Quality Audit: Identifying and rectifying technical roadblocks, improving low-quality content, and boosting underperforming pages.
  • SEO Roadmap: Delivering a clear and concise plan of action based on our insights and recommendations to maximise your organic growth.
Fully Managed

From $1750

The Link building Sprint is completed in 3-6 weeks, delivering a surge in rankings and authority. We only build high-quality links designed to stand the test of time. 5 to +30 links will be built within a Link building Sprint.

  • Full Link Audit – We audit your current link profile and identify gaps.
  • Target Link Identification – Pinpointing the right link targets for your goals.
  • Target Page ID – Determining the optimal pages to build links to.
  • Outreach & Management – Our team handles the entire outreach process.
  • High Authority Links – We secure impactful links from reputable domains.
  • Link Tracking – Ongoing tracking and reporting on link metrics.


Instead of stretching efforts over months, we condense our expertise into targeted sprints for efficient, measurable growth.

Icon of target with arrow, puzzles, and stars.

A sprint model allows for total focus on each task. This leads to much better results over a shorter period of time.

Speedometer and arrows indicating efficiency concept.

Sprints allow us to be highly agile and adjust strategies to reflect market and technology changes.

Financial report document icon with graphs and dollar sign.

No retainers or contracts. By working in sprints and focusing on ROI. We don’t need to lock you into a contract on a monthly retainer.

Laptop with shield icon, signifying cybersecurity.

Monitor each campaign directly from our software. View communications, deliverables and costs from one place.

How Contactora Works

A Road Map To Sucess

First, we review your current website and marketing efforts to determine whether we are a good fit. Then, we share our findings in an actionable video and proposal.


Request a review and proposal. We will examine your site and strategies and take the time to understand your needs and goals.


We build a solid marketing strategy for your business. It all starts with a solid strategy—no guesswork.


We plan your campaign around your strategy, working in sprints on each defined section.


We focus on ROI, which is why our clients keep returning, as our services make them money.

Making the web a better place while driving traffic, leads and sales to your business.

Contactora represents the next generation of digital marketing. Our mission is to create a space for SMEs, startups and small businesses to utilise digital marketing to grow.

I set out to create an agency that is customer first, cutting through the noise and providing services that move the needle without bloating quotes with nonsense services. Contactora brings honesty to marketing.

Contactora delivers proven strategies across various digital marketing channels. We specialise in highly focused content marketing, link building, social media strategies, and paid advertising for ambitious brands.

Contactora for Agencies

White Label & White Hat Services

Make marketing profitable by outsourcing the hardest & most time consuming tasks.

Link building, content marketing, and strategy are critical yet time-intensive components of a successful marketing campaign. 

Our services not only save significant resources but also provide an accessible, expert marketing solution when required. With our white label solutions, you can impress your clients without the hassle—we handle the hard work, your clients enjoy the benefits, and you retain a substantial profit margin.

  • Get discounts on bulk orders.
  • Manage campaigns within the Contactora dashboard.
  • Dedicated account manager for each agency.

White label services are available to agencies that commit to a spend of $5000 per month.


SEO Sprints offer a faster and more effective approach to SEO. SEO involves actions that must be taken in a certain order. Firstly, you need to establish a solid foundation and create a plan. Next, you should create topically relevant and optimised content and tie everything together with authoritative links.

It doesn’t make sense to offer SEO plans that include all of these components for a monthly fee. You should focus on content and links by the second month. This is why Contactora focuses on Sprints, Links, and Content.

No, the foundation strategy creates a strategy & list of immediate actions that you can take away and implement in-house, or we can do it for you for a separate cost.

Typically, yes. If compared side by side, you will save money by paying for exactly what you need and no more.

Content FAQs

We will send the doc to you for approval before it goes live. You can view the draft directly from your client folder and make any comments or suggestions within the document.

We use AI to speed up the briefing and research. Content is still produced by our human writers. We never use unchecked AI content. All content is manually optimised and proofed by real human writers.

You 100% own the content. We will never use your content anywhere else. It is yours.

All our content is passed through a quality check tool, which will check for plagiarism, quality, readability and SEO optimisation. If it fails one of the checks, it is rewritten.

Yes, we have unlimited revisions. You have full access to the document, so you can comment, suggest changes or make edits directly. It is rare to need more than 1-2 revisions.

Reports FAQs

We don’t believe in overloading you with data and emails, but we love to keep things organised. This is why we built a simple shared project workbook that runs in real-time.

You can see at any moment: 

  • Which tasks we are working on + all previous tasks
  • Actions you/we need to complete
  • Target pages for link building. With KW metrics & current ranking positions
  • All live links we have built
  • All planned and published content topics, draft files, etc
  • All project files + anything you’ve shared with us

Each link is detailed with:

  • Full link URL
  • Target page URL
  • Anchor text
  • SEMrush metrics, including AS & traffic
  • Date live

From the content section, you can view all content planned and approve or reject topic ideas. You can even add your own topic ideas. All this is contained within your workspace folder, where all project files are found. Everything from the website quality audit to any disavow files can be accessed with a click.

You will have access to our reports dashboard (which is different to your client workbook and the area). It is all about your rankings, backlinks and other technical data that will frequently change. This is real-time data, and you can access your reports dashboard anytime.

You can also request PDF reports at any time.

Yes, whitelabel reports are available. Please speak to our [email protected] team to discuss the options.

Payments FAQs

You can easily order from our flexible dashboard, which we built to make it easier and quicker for you to start. You can pay directly in the dashboard using a card or pay via bank transfer.

If you want an invoice first, just let us know, and we will send one over.

All your previous and current orders will be available within the Contactora dashboard.

You can find all your invoices within the Contactora dashboard.

You can do this directly from your Contactora dashboard. No need to fill out any forms or call us. Stop and start your plan as you need.

We accept payments in USD, GBP, and EUR. While prices are displayed in USD due to our global customer base, you can switch to your preferred currency on the Contactora dashboard.

Contactora is based in the UK, but we are a fully remote team of SEO experts. Being remote allows us to find the best talent regardless of location.