Search Marketing Strategies for 2024: 12 Expert Opinions

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26 Feb 2024
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As we approach 2024, the SEO industry faces significant changes in technology, search engine algorithms, and user interaction. The effectiveness of SEO as a tool for online visibility is continually debated, prompting us to seek insights from 12 thought leaders in the field. They shed light on the evolving emphasis on quality content, AI and schema adjustments, and the importance of content authenticity.

TL;DR: The SEO landscape in 2024 hinges on high-quality content, understanding user intent, and embracing AI and technical advancements. Industry experts highlight the importance of E-E-A-T and voice search optimization, underscoring that while SEO’s core principles remain unchanged, strategies must adapt to new technologies and user behaviours.

Let’s take a look at what other marketing experts are focusing on in 2024:

Focus on Quality Content Creation

It is easy for marketers to panic when confronted with significant changes to the functionality of search engines and major online platforms. The so-called cookie-less future, for instance, can easily become a Y2K phenomenon. Or, conversely, it is easy for marketers to hype up something like AI content generation as if it were a meme stock. The fundamental considerations for all marketers should already be, and should remain, creating truly quality content that offers actual utility to those who view it. Use all new tools, of course, and assess all new changes, of course, but without consistency in approach, you will never be building for the long term. You’ll just use all your time and energy being hyper-reactive to all perceived fluctuations in the online landscape. Focus on value, always.

Ashley Diamond, Marketing Manager

Adapt to AI and Schema Changes

Yes, SEO is moving fast, but the fundamentals will always stay the same. Search engines like Google have outlined this: Helpful content will be displayed and visible for everyone on the web. However, with AI-generated search moving forward, it begs the question: Is the content we create going to be designed for humans, or for AI machines to feature us? 

Likely, content is going to become much more digestible and ‘quotable’ to get featured in AI-rich snippets. From the tests that I found using Google GSE, it would seem Schema is going to become much more important in SEO because it allows for rich snippets and helps AI engines understand the content better. 

As we well know, AI does get things totally wrong and made up. The AI is still trained on the data of the web; therefore, Google will have to make some big shifts to filter which content is accurate versus which content is not. Bigger trust signals will come into play, and E-E-A-T will become strong, potentially even a ranking factor.

George Panayides, Digital Marketing Specialist, The Digital xx

SEO Complexity Requires Diverse Skills

The trend for me is clear: SEO will become increasingly complex, and content will require many more elements to stand out.

A few years ago, an SEO consultant with a copywriter could handle SEO and achieve significant results. Today, especially in competitive fields, many more people are required: a copywriter, a subject-matter expert who analyzes the copywriter’s work, a designer who adds multimedia content, and an SEO consultant.

On the other hand, with generative AI, it may be possible to create those elements without needing as many people.

Marco Genaro Palma, SEO Consultant, Genaro Palma

Prioritize User Intent and Quality

SEO’s core remains consistent—delivering value through relevance and authority. However, the rise of AI and evolving search algorithms in 2024 means we need to focus even more on user intent and satisfying search queries with precise, high-quality content.

AI is entering the game and changing the rules; that’s for sure. If you are interested, SE Ranking has a free course with expert predictions (Barry Schwartz, Lily Ray, etc.). For me, it was much easier than searching for information everywhere separately. So, I recommend it.

Jugnu Nagar, SEO Specialist, GREAT Guest Posts

Integrate SEO with Other Marketing

In 2024, Google will satisfy the searches of people who are looking for quick information, but websites will continue to assume most of the traffic for individuals interested in learning about a topic. Even more so in the coming years, marketers will need to integrate their SEO content into other forms of marketing, such as email and social media. This means mediocre content outsourced to non-subject-matter experts will no longer be the best option.

Jason Vaught, President, 805 SEO

Combine AI Efficiency with Human Touch

SEO has seen a lot of defining shifts recently; the rise of AI and the emphasis on E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) are key. We’re seeing a trend where AI assists in content creation, but the final touch—ensuring the content’s authenticity and value—remains a human task. This approach aims to deepen audience engagement by combining AI’s efficiency with the nuanced understanding and empathy of human editors. The goal is to deliver content that not only ranks well but also resonates deeply with our audience, reinforcing our expertise and trustworthiness in the digital space.

Simultaneously, the focus on user privacy and UX is leading to innovative data collection methods and a reimagining of online experiences. Marketers are adopting first-party data strategies that prioritize transparency and user consent, moving towards a more ethical approach to data usage. Enhancing UX has become crucial, with a push toward websites that are fast, mobile-friendly, and designed with the user’s needs and preferences in mind. These shifts underscore the importance of adapting to technological advancements while ensuring that our digital presence is both respectful and user-centric, laying the groundwork for sustainable success in the SEO domain.

Bhavik Sarkhedi, Growth Head & CMO, Content Whale

Google as an Answer Engine

It’s hard to talk about upcoming trends without dealing with the AI elephant in the room. For search marketers, that’s about all we can talk about. Specifically, we’re dealing with Google’s inclusion of Search Generative Experiences. The big change is that Google is moving from a search engine to an answer engine, meaning they want people to be satisfied directly with Google. This means it’s more important than ever to pay attention to the big questions people have on a given topic and include them in your content.

Isaac Hammelburger, Founder, Search Pros

Balance AI with Expert SEO Insights

In 2024, generative AI will impact content production even more. Alongside using generative tools, we’ll focus on entity optimization and E-E-A-T. While AI can help produce draft content or generic content at scale, quality, insights, and relevance are critical, and human review and expert advice for optimization are crucial. We’ll optimize to provide external value and prioritize unique, value-added ideas over pure volume. As AI technology advances, expert-driven SEO and knowledge sharing will become essential. Softjourn’s SEO strategy for 2024 will remain grounded in providing value, demonstrating expertise, and offering unique perspectives.

Oleh Sorokopud, Head of Digital Marketing, Softjourn

Optimize for Voice Search and Phrases

I see an emerging trend in using long-tail keywords and conversational phrases. As more people use voice search to ask specific questions or to make requests, SEO strategies will need to shift toward targeting these types of queries. This means incorporating more natural language and a conversational tone into website content, as well as optimizing for longer, more specific keywords. Also, optimizing for featured snippets and local search results will become increasingly important, as voice searches often result in quick, direct answers or nearby location recommendations.

Tom Molnar, Operation & Content Manager, Fit Design

Navigate UX and Privacy in SEO

In the dynamic landscape of search marketing, 2024 brings forth intriguing shifts that go beyond traditional SEO practices. Anticipated changes include an increased focus on user experience (UX) metrics, with search engines prioritizing websites that deliver seamless and engaging interactions. The rise of voice search continues, prompting marketers to optimize content for conversational queries. As user privacy concerns grow, marketers are expected to navigate evolving data regulations, leading to more precise targeting strategies.

Himanshu Sharma, CEO & Founder, Academy of Digital Marketing

Capitalize on Generative AI in SERPs

SEO is constantly evolving, and 2024 will be no different. With the addition of generative AI into SERPs, I see more opportunities for content creators to rank on Page 1 beyond the standard list of results. For instance, Google’s SERPs are changing to include results related to generative AI, ‘People Also Ask,’ rich snippets, and other forms of content (like video), all on the same page. This is a far cry from the traditional list of 10 results per page, which means there are big opportunities for more publishers to rank on Google’s Page 1. 

With AI, I do think SEO is getting more competitive. As more publishers adopt AI tools to help them hack the rankings, I think many businesses will see a rankings shake-up. SEO isn’t something you can do once and let it run anymore. With content becoming quicker and cheaper to publish, SEO will require daily management, and content creation will need to be continuously created and improved.

I see ample opportunities for freelance content creators like myself who have deep experience in SEO and recognize these new opportunities for what they’re worth. It’s going to be an exciting, challenging, and rewarding year.

Alli Hill, Founder and Director, Fleurish Freelance

The collective insights from experts underscore a pivotal point for SEO in 2024: the symbiosis of AI advancements and human expertise is essential. Quality content, precision in user intent, and a diligent approach to content authenticity are key to maintaining a robust SEO strategy. While foundational SEO principles endure, daily management and refinement are now integral to staying competitive.

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