We help businesses in Hereford dominate 1st page rankings

Highly focused SEO services for delivered through short β€˜Sprints’.

No long-term contracts, targeted results in a shorter timeframe.Β 

A better way to do SEO.

Stop Wasting Time and Money on Traditional SEO

Traditional SEO agencies often promote long-term monthly retainers where 50% of the work isn’t needed past month 2.

What traditional SEO agencies will take 12 months to do, we do in 12 weeks.

Always white Hat and ethical. Together, we can help build a better internet while boosting your business.

Local SEO in Herefordshire

We get real results from SEO in Hereford.

Anyone can make promises: we get you results that drive bookings and revenue.

With a unique emphasis on SEO sprints and high-quality link building, we provide focused and accelerated growth strategies for local and national businesses based in Herefordshire.


By utilising SEO Sprints, we provide a fast-paced, results-driven approach.

No BS. SEO the way it should be done.

We are proud to come from Herefordshire and it gives us a sense of pride seeing our local businesses succeed.

Lakewood media Limited (our parent company) was founded in Herefordshire to provide a better, more affordable digital service for small to large businesses. We love seeing all our customers grow and expand through our services, but it’s especially warming when they are Herefordshire businesses.

Hereford is a growing area and still has a lot of easily accessible markets online. We can help you quickly establish a place online and remain there. From competitive SEO campaigns to low-competition local SEO, we can help you succeed with true whitehat SEO.

SEO Sprints

Each sprint tackles a key element:

  • Technical Issues & Strategy
  • Content Strategy & Creation
  • Link Building

You only pay for the sprints you need when you need them.

From $2000

Our Foundation Sprint lays the groundwork for all subsequent SEO initiatives. It’s crucial to evaluate your website’s present state and existing SEO practices.

From $1300

Our Content Sprint is laser-focused on creating authoritative, optimised content that drives organic traffic to your site.

From $1650

The Link Sprint is focused solely on acquiring high-authority, relevant links to drive rankings and traffic.

Not sure what you need? We are here to help.

Or can’t find what you are looking for?
Let us know about your project, and we can send you a free proposal.

Adam Haworth
Founder & Chief Strategist
The Sprint Methodology

The Sprint Methodology

Why Sprints? Most essential SEO work is a one-time effort. Sites rarely need endless retainers to achieve results.

Some sprints, such as the Content and Link Sprint, will be repeated more frequently whereas the Foundation Sprint will likely be run just once a year.

Our sprint model allows for total focus on each task. We don’t hold back to lock you into retainers. Every sprint receives our complete dedication to bring the highest quality work.

This focused approach enables us to deliver the best possible results in each area. Instead of stretching efforts over months, we condense our expertise into targeted sprints for efficient, measurable growth.

πŸ‘‰ Read more about SEO Sprints

Adam Haworth
Founder & Chief Strategist

We are a focused team of SEO experts

Making the web a better place while driving traffic, leads and sales for your business. That is what Contactora is all about.

Contactora represents the next generation of SEO. Our mission is to leverage emerging search technology to its full potential while creating epic return on investment for our customers.

Launching Contactora has been an exciting journey, and this is just the beginning. We took all the experience from our parent digital marketing agency, Lakewood media, and created a dedicated team to attack SEO from a different angle. We have invested in AI, no matter how much you love or hate AI it is the future of marketing.

Contactora delivers proven strategies in search marketing. We specialise in highly focused content marketing and link building for ambitious brands.

How Contactora Works

Communication & Transparency

It begins with a free assessment and strategy to ensure we are a good fit for you. Next, we jump on a consultation call to discuss the findings and run you through the next steps. You can start the process by ordering the services you need directly from the Contactora dashboard (or we can send an invoice if you like).

Once the campaign starts, your account manager will be, keeping you in the loop through each step and answering any questions you may have. Communication is important to us.


It all starts with a solid strategy. No guess work. We take the time to understand your needs and goals.


We have perfected our processes allowing us to work effectively and efficiently, bringing results as fast as possible.


Review and approve project tasks, content and links from the dashboard.


Access to detailed reports in real time, no waiting for an update. See the results as they happen.

Sprint FAQs

SEO Sprints offer a faster and more effective approach to SEO. SEO involves actions that must be taken in a certain order. Firstly, you need to establish a solid foundation and create a plan. Next, you should create topically relevant and optimised content and tie everything together with authoritative links.

It doesn’t make sense to offer SEO plans that include all of these components for a monthly fee. You should focus solely on content and links by the second month. This is why Contactora focuses on Sprints, Links, and Content.

No, the foundation Sprint creates a strategy & list of immediate actions that you can take away and implement in-house, or we can do it for you for a separate cost.

Typically, yes. If compared side by side, you will save money by paying for exactly what you need and no more.

Reports FAQs

We don’t believe in overloading you with data and emails, but we love to keep things organised. This is why we built a simple shared Client workbook that runs in real-time.

You can see at any moment:Β 

  • Which tasks we are working on + all previous tasks
  • Actions you/we need to complete
  • Target pages for link building. With KW metrics & current ranking positions
  • All live links we have built
  • All planned and published content topics, draft files, etc
  • All project files + anything you’ve shared with us

Each link is detailed with:

  • Full link URL
  • Target page URL
  • Anchor text
  • SEMrush metrics, including AS & traffic
  • Date live

From the content section, you can view all content planned and approve or reject topic ideas. You can even add your own topic ideas. All this is contained within your workspace folder, where all project files are found. Everything from the website quality audit to any disavow files can be accessed with a click.

You will have access to our reports dashboard (which is different to your client workbook and the dash.contactora.com area). It is all about your rankings, backlinks and other technical data that will frequently change. This is real-time data, and you can access your reports dashboard anytime.

You can also request PDF reports at any time.

Yes, whitelabel reports are available. Please speak to our [email protected] team to discuss the options.

You will still get access to the reports dashboard for 30 days after your sprint has ended. For a small fee, you can have ongoing access to your reports dashboard once your sprint has ended. All monthly authority link building, content writing and sprints include access to the reports dashboard.

You will have lifetime access to your client workbook, client folder and Contactora dashboard, where you can view orders, invoices and services.

Payments FAQs

You can easily order from our flexible dashboard, which we built to make it easier and quicker for you to start. You can pay directly in the dashboard using a card or pay via bank transfer.

If you want an invoice first, just let us know, and we will send one over.

All your previous and current orders will be available within the Contactora dashboard.

You can find all your invoices within the Contactora dashboard.

You can do this directly from your Contactora dashboard. No need to fill out any forms or call us. Stop and start your plan as you need.

We accept payments in USD, GBP, and EUR. While prices are displayed in USD due to our global customer base, you can switch to your preferred currency on the Contactora dashboard.

Contactora is based in the UK, but we are a fully remote team of SEO experts. Being remote allows us to find the best talent regardless of location.